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True Passion &

The Artisan Producer

Representing the winemaker who truly lives and breathes his product is our passion. At il Vigneto, we pride ourselves on the fact that the men and women behind the wine have had a hand in every single step of the production process.
This personal attention to detail and mastery of craft harkens back to the very best of artisanal qualities, those which have been so revered for centuries.
At our agency, we believe that it is high time to honour the artisan once more. Time to give him the respect he deserves, time to appreciate the quality of his work, and time to share the fruit of his labour with all those who believe in the bottle.   

Honour the Artisan

il Vigneto looks to bridge the current gap that exists between the small production, exclusive wineries and the discerning amateur. The quality of these wines is unparalleled, as the men and women who make these wines dedicate their life to their craft and the perfection of their product. Their honest, back to the land philosophy is not only one that we share, but is also one that we hope to share with you.

Our agency looks to do away with the mass-market angle so many producers have come to take and the routine choices they promote. In paying special attention to artisanal producers, il Vigneto sets itself apart. We have real, personal relationships with the men and women who put their lives into making the products we represent, and this respect for their passion is something we know our clients will appreciate. Read more by following the links above.
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Pliny the Elder, Natural History


"in wine, there is truth"

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