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Located at the very centre of the Collio winemaking region in the village of Brazzano, the Borgo del Tiglio estate is perhaps one of Friuli's best kept secrets. Producing roughly 30,000 bottles a year on 16 acres, it is a rather small winery. After all, the estate's owner Nicola Manferrari never sought out the life of a winemaker, he says that it came to him as a calling. Based on the quality of his now world-class wines, we believe him.  

Manferrari is a true perfectionist. The attention and care he puts into the crafting of his wines is extraordinary, granting him the reputation of a veritable artisan. Low yields, old vines, some of the best vineyard sites in the region and meticulous selection of barriques are all part of the recipe that make Borgo del Tiglio's wines so unique. The estate is best known for its deep, profound, mineral-driven white wines capable of long ageing, something of a rarity among Italian whites. The estate's two most renowned wines: the old-vine Friulano, Ronco della Chiesa, and the Sauvignon-Riesling-Friulano blend, Studio di Bianco, have often been cited by critics and wine lovers alike as some of Italy's very best. Often forgotten are the estate's small production exceptional quality red wines. Crafted from some of the oldest Merlot plots in the region and blended with small quantities of Cabernet Sauvignon, Borgo's reds are true Friulian grand crus.


Manferrari is one who never sits still. He is always looking for ways to improve upon his craft. In recent years, he purchased vineyards in the Marche region where he focuses on Sangiovese and Montepulciano. Grapes from his Marche project are vinified, aged and bottled at the Borgo del Tiglio estate under the Contrada di Tenna labels, essentially marrying both Northern & Central Italy. Its wines, produced and available in limited quantities, have garnered an almost cult-like following of wine lovers around the world. Those fortunate enough to get their hands on these bottles will be rewarded with a wine drinking experience unlike any other.