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The Migliarina & Montozzi estates, owned and operated by the Bartolini Baldelli family, is a testament to true Tuscan tradition and fortitude. Located in the Chianti region, this house focuses its production on the traditional varietals native to their region, such as Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Canaiolo. This respect for tradition is perhaps the defining characteristic of the estate. After all, this family of landowners have cared for their property for nearly four centuries, having weathered many a storm throughout their history.

Once known as the Martini family, the original line of founders eventually, through generations of marriages and some female inheritance, came to be known as the Bartolini Baldellis of today. After centuries of careful winemaking and stewardship, the family possesses a deeply ingrained belief that they owe not only their livelihoods, but indeed their lives, to wine. During the Second World War, the region was occupied by Axis forces who used the Migliarina property as a base of operations. The family had been forced out and, as the invaders prepared to leave, they also intended to assassinate the prominent family upon their departure. Fortunately, the Bartolini Baldellis had been warned of the order. In consequence, they held a large event at the estate for the occupants, essentially using their wines as a diversion while they escaped certain assassination under the cover of night. After the war, the family returned to their estate to continue their storied tradition to this day.

As such, they play an integral part in the history of the Chianti winemaking region. As explained by current proprietor Antonio, Migliarina & Montozzi is unmoved by overly modern takes on Tucscan wines. Here, they prefer to allow for a pure, uninhibited expression of their terroir. Using entirely organic growing techniques and preferring, whenever possible, to age in cement vats, their wines represent the very best of Tuscany's winemaking history and land. These gorgeous, lively wines are exceptionally easy to drink, are a joy to enjoy with any meal. This is the soul of Italy: no pomp, just fresh, just pure. Discover more below...


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