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Alessandro and Gian Natale Fantino manage their family estate in Monforte d'Alba, in its historic center, from a building dating back to the 1600s. Alessandro manages their estate's vineyards, bringing with him his experience as cellarman of the legendary Bartolo Mascarello winery for 20 years, from 1978 to 1997.


Since 1998, he has dedicated himself to the estate of his family alongside his brother, full time. The brothers cultivate eight hectares in the heart of the historic Bussia cru north of Monforte, one of the most famous areas of Barolo for the production of wines of great longevity and finesse. Fantino's holdings are concentrated exclusively in the "Dardi" section of Bussia, a hill with perfect south and south-east exposure in the geographic center of Bussia. Barolo da Bussia, one of the true icons of the denomination, capable of making enthusiasts from all over the world dream, tends to have a deep color and rich in fruit but the classic tannic structure of Nebbiolo from this area - Bussia Dardi - is not as difficult as Barolo from the south side of Monforte or from Serralunga.


This fact does not prevent the Barolos of the Fantino brothers from aging, but it does make them pleasantly captivating even when young. The vines planted in 1946 and 1947 are pruned in the old style and produce grapes that would be the envy of any barolista. If you are a wine lover, if you love the great wines of the Langhe, and more generally those wines that have a history, a land, a culture behind them ... then you will certainly appreciate the wines of the Langhe from the Azienda dei Fratelli Fantino.


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