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The Volpi Farm is nestled in the heart of the Euganean Hills. Established by the Luciani family, who have an ardent enthusiasm and affection for their land, the farm has become one of the most notable new wine and food producers in the region. It is a place where tradition and innovation come together to create a new way of living, immersed in nature and steeped in taste. This passion for natural harmony has indeed translated into their wines, where they have a number of offerings certified as 100% organic, biodynamic, and vegan that drink like Veneto's best. 

The Euganean Hills are an island of nature protected by a regional park. The hills offer their bounty throughout the year, providing woodland berries, cherries, strawberries, blackberries, pomegranates, figs, delicate wild herbs, grapes and fine honey. The flavours of the land are luxuriously showcased in their wines, which range from fruity and fresh white sauvignon blends to deep and ripe marriages of typical red Bordeaux varietals. Truly, those who explore the Euganean Hills Wine Route discover a paradise for food and wine enthusiasts, a land where local wines and traditions are combined with the finest seasonal products from vegetable gardens, fields, farmyards and vineyards.


The hills of Veneto have always provided the ideal conditions for these plants to thrive. Under the passionate, patient care of the estate, they bear fruit that are transformed into a variety of incredible wines. While each has its own unique aroma, colour, and flavour, they all reflect the land where they are grown. Experience Veneto's very best in your glass - Le Volpi await!  


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