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The estate owned by Gelmino and Cristina Dal Bosco is situated in the hamlet of Brognoligo, in the heart of the Soave Classico production area, which is limited only to the comuni of Soave and Monteforte d’Alpone, in the province of Verona. 

The company started in 2002, after the family gave up selling their grapes to a local wine Cooperative and began their own proper vinification. The farm possesses 9 hectares of vineyard divided into many small pieces, all situated in the hills of Brognoligo. The largest piece is the Battistelle vineyard, situated on the Castellaro hill. The estate takes its name right from it. It is here, between the highest pebbly hills, where the soil is of volcanic origin that is most conducive to the growth of Garganega: it matures and best expresses its power in such conditions, producing utterly unique wines, not repeatable anywhere. As such, their products exhibit a mix of structure and elegance rarely achieved in the area, in addition to possessing well-balanced levels of acidity and minerality. 

As practitioners of 'heroic' viticulture, the Dal Bosco family goes about harvesting their grapes entirely by hand. This is done both out of necessity as well as a respect for tradition. The slopes upon which the vines grow are so dangerously steep that, not only would it be impossible for modern mechanics to effectively harvest the grapes, but it is also quite dangerous for the passionate souls who make it their life's work to produce these wines to do so as well (hence the 'heroism' suggested).


This tradition, so unique to the area and, indeed, to the world, is also one which will persist, thanks to the Dal Bosco's children: Gloria & Andrea. These two incredibly passionate young winemakers, the future leaders of Soave, will allow for all to enjoy their delicious wines for years to come...


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